My child-centred support program, tailor-made for you and your child's needs. Suitable for babies and children 6 months and older. 

This includes:

  • A personal consultation either in your home* or over the phone/Skype.

  • A tailor-made plan to ensure a better night's sleep for you and your family.

  • One month's support as you implement the plan, including follow-up calls (approximately 8) and emails as required in order to give you the optimum support you require. 



For families who feel confident enough to follow their personalised plan on their own, I offer a one-off consultation package.

This includes:

  • A personal consultation either in your home* or over the phone/Skype.

  • A tailor-made sleep plan 

*Please note extra mileage costs may occur for visits.

More details on your consultation: 


You will be asked to fill out a form so that I can fully understand your particular situation. Following this, I will schedule a consultation with one or both parents to discuss and understand what you would like to achieve with regard to your child’s sleeping patterns. 

I will travel to your home to carry out our consultation. For distances more than 1 hour's drive from Galway, a small travel fee may apply.  For overseas families, this consultation will take the form of a Skype or Facetime call.

This is an entirely non-judgemental and consultative process where we will agree on a plan which you are happy with. I will never tell you to leave your child crying alone. The focus is on helping and empowering your child to learn to sleep well independently so that the whole family gets a better night’s sleep.

Following our consultation we will agree a date to begin our sleep plan and I will support you through this plan for up to one month. This will be in the form of follow-up calls (typically 8 calls) and emails as required.

Often one month of collaborative work with me will have resulted in a successful sleep solution for your little one and for your whole family. Some sleep issues can take a little longer to iron out but after one month you will certainly be seeing progress and you will have a plan in place that will work towards continued results.  



As a mother of twins I know how expensive it is to pay for everything x 2. For that reason I do not charge extra for a twin consultation. They came as a package and I carry out my consultation for them as a package. The price remains the same as above.


Additional €50 per child


Children younger than 6 months old vary a great deal with regard to sleeping ability and it is not recommended to intervene dramatically. However, there are many gentle sleep shaping techniques that can be used successfully to ensure that your baby is getting good quality sleep.

If you would like help with a younger baby experiencing sleep issues, I would be very happy to discuss this with you . Please contact me to arrange a free no-obligation phone call.

Phone: +353 (0)86 3707248

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