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My child-centred support program, tailor-made for you and your child's needs. Suitable for babies and children 6 months and older. 

This includes:

  • An initial get-to-know-you phone call

  • Completion of intake forms to give me information about your child's sleep.

  • A personal consultation either in your home or over the phone/Skype (60-90 minutes)

  • A tailor-made plan to ensure a better night's sleep for you and your family.

  • 3 weeks of intense, support as you implement the plan, including follow-up calls (as many as required per week) and messages/emails as required in order to give you the optimum support you require. I do not limit the time that I give to each family and I do not limit my support to texts or messages. Regular discussions are vital to ensure your sleep success.

  • A final call to discuss any questions or concerns around changes to routine, transitions, regressions etc.

More details on your consultation: 

You will be asked to fill out a form so that I can fully understand your particular situation. I will schedule a consultation with one or both parents to discuss your sleep challenges, to help you to understand the contributing factors and to build a sleep plan which will work to help your child to sleep well. 

This consultation is via video call or in person. For distances more than 1 hour's drive from Galway, a small travel fee may apply.  

This is an entirely non-judgemental and consultative process where we will agree on a plan which you are happy with. I will never tell you to leave your child crying alone. or to do anything that you are uncomfortable with.  The focus is on helping and empowering your child to learn to sleep well so that the whole family gets a better night’s sleep.

Following our consultation we will agree a date to begin our sleep plan and I will support you through this plan for up to 3 weeks. This will be in the form of a daily sleep diary (which I can review via an app) and follow-up calls (typically 3 per week)

Most often 3 weeks of collaborative work with me will have resulted in a successful sleep solution for your little one and for your whole family.  


€125 - 1 child      €195 - 2 children

This is a 50 minute (90 minutes for 2 children) virtual discussion aimed at giving you expert guidance and advice on your child's sleep. This service is available for children aged from newborn up to 5 years.  We will discuss your child's routine and any difficulties that you are experiencing with regard to your child's sleep. I will help you understand the factors which may be contributing to your child's sleep issues and provide you with practical tips and guidance aimed at helping you work towards improved sleep for your family. 

Please note that this is a single discussion with no additional support.


As a mother of twins I know how expensive it is to pay for everything x 2. For that reason I do not charge extra for a twin consultation. They came as a package and I carry out my consultation for them as a package. The price remains the same as above.


Additional €100 per child for the Super Sleeper Package

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