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Ursula Quinn RGN, B.Sc, GSC.

Registered Gentle Sleep Consultant

Registered Nurse

Certified Holistic Sleep Coach

Experienced trainer

Member of the Association of International Sleep Consultants

A kind, empathetic & collaborative approach

I am a registered Gentle Sleep Consultant, educated in gentle and holistic sleep. My priority is supporting children and families as they develop good sleeping habits, but only in a way that each family is comfortable with. I will not tell you to leave your child alone to cry.

I am a Registered General Nurse with many years of experience in acute care, as a medical adviser and a medical trainer. 

My extensive experience has been enhanced by comprehensive training led by:

 - Dr. Lewis Kass, Paediatric Sleep Director and Consultant, Sleep Disorders Centre Norwalk, US

 - Dr. Bryan Vartebedian, Paediatric GastroIntestinal Consultant

 - Dr Shoshana Bennett, Leading Specialist on Postpartum Depression

  - Lyndsey Hookway, Holistic Sleep Coaching Program (mini)

I am the mother of three children including a set of twins. As a busy working mother, I know how it feels to struggle on in a sleep-deprived haze and the impact this can have on the rest of your life and your relationships. I also know how wonderful it is when children are happy to snuggle into their cot or bed and sleep well through the night.

My belief is that instilling good sleep routines for children is one of the most important things you can do for your family - just as important as good nutrition.  When children sleep well, so too can the parents, and the busy routines of family life can fall into place so much more easily.  It is never too late to tackle sleep issues; it is never hopeless and it is worth getting some help and support with what can be a tricky and challenging task, especially when you are in a sleep-deprived state.

I do not believe that any baby or child is "difficult", that they “won’t sleep” or are “just poor sleepers”.

All babies and children need good quality, uninterrupted sleep. All parents do too. I will work closely with you to understand the sleep issues facing your family and to design and implement a sleep plan which will work for your child or children. I will help you put the plan into action and be there for you when you need support.

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