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Registered Nurse

Registered Gentle Sleep Consultant

Certified Holistic Sleep Coach

Member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants

OCN Level 4 Perinatal Mental Health


I'm going to be totally open and honest. When my twins were born I was blindsided by the sleep deprivation and it's effects on my mental health. My eldest daughter was 4 at the time and I struggled with the exhaustion and irritability. I started feeling joyless, and the guilt about this started pulling me down. Now that I have passed through that part of my life I feel glad that I can use my experience to help other families so that they can pass through it too, as quickly as possible!

I get it. I know how it feels to dread bedtime and  to feel anxious about what each night might bring. I know how it feels to get through each day in a haze of tiredness but then struggle to sleep even when the children are actually sleeping. 

That is why I decided to pursue studies in infant and family sleep and to combine this with my medical and nursing experience gained through years of caring and supporting vulnerable patients. All of this has shaped the sleep consultant that I am today; passionate about sleep and parental mental health and devoted to supporting families to get the rest that they deserve. 

My belief is that building sleep foundations for your children is one of the most important things you can do for your family - just as important as good nutrition.  When children sleep well, so too can the parents, and the busy routines of family life can fall into place so much more easily.  It is never too late to tackle sleep issues; it is never hopeless and getting the right help and support from a trusted professional is what helps so many families to put endless broken nights behind them. 


I build a relationship of trust with each family to understand their sleep issues and to design and implement a sleep plan which will work for their child and their family dynamic and parenting style. That is why it works and why families recommend my help time and time again!

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