Gentle & effective methods to help your child sleep well

If you are exhausted and struggling with your child's sleep issues, I am here to help you.


I am Ursula Quinn, Gentle Sleep Consultant, and using techniques that have worked for thousands of families, I will help you to develop healthy sleep habits for your baby or young child, working with you in a non-judgemental and collaborative way. 

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Getting your child to sleep at bedtime

Waking up throughout the night

Getting your child to sleep in their own cot or bed

Poor daytime napping

Very early wake up times

A child who won't sleep alone


If you’re having trouble getting your child to sleep and feeling tired and frustrated, I can offer practical answers to your problems.


As a certified graduate from the Gentle Sleep Coach program, I am also a Registered Nurse with over 12 years’ medical experience and I am a mother of three.


Whether your issues stem from early starts or frequent nighttime awakenings, I work on a personalised solution to help your whole family get a good night’s sleep.



Having a baby or small child who is not sleeping is exhausting and takes its toll on all aspects of family life. It is harder to go to work; harder to look after children; everything is more challenging when we are sleep deprived.


When a child is not sleeping, it does not have to mean that you have a “bad sleeper” on your hands. Neither does it mean that you have failed in any way and you do not have to struggle on alone. I can help you support your child and develop a good and restful sleep routine.


I will never ask you to leave your child crying in the dark alone. Instead, I use gentle and proven methods which will teach your child how to sleep better and for longer. My methods really do work. Each child is an individual and each family is different. I will work with you on a one-to-one basis to design an individualised plan and I will support you through the process.

A well rested child is a happy easier child. A well rested parent is a happier, less cranky parent. Though you may find it hard to believe right now, a good night’s sleep is not far away. Sometimes we all just need a little help and support, especially when we are exhausted.

Contact me to set up a brief no obligation call to discuss your child's sleep issues


If you wish to go ahead, this will be followed by a comprehensive one-to-one and individually tailored sleep plan. See more on my packages here.


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