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The expert knowledge and support that you need from a trusted healthcare professional.

If you are exhausted and overwhelmed by weeks or months of broken sleep, then please know that I understand and I can help you.


I am Ursula Quinn, leading Gentle Sleep Consultant and registered nurseI help tired parents to move out of the haze of sleep-deprivation into a new reality of restful nights and days spent enjoying the time spent with their children.

Families come to me for my truly personalised, kind and non-judgemental approach. I help and empower families to establish great sleep in a way that feels right for them. This is why so many families achieve sleep success with me and move on to a new reality of enjoyable bedtimes and restful nights.  

Contact me now for a no-obligation introductory discussion about your child's sleep.

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Getting your child to sleep at bedtime

Waking up throughout the night

Getting your child to sleep in their own cot or bed

Poor daytime napping

Very early wake up times

A child who won't sleep alone

"Ursula was so helpful and literally changed our lives"


"Words cannot do justice to the impact Ursula has had on our family"

Shooting Star

Why Work with Me?

Put simply, because it works! Getting my professional advice and support helps families who have almost lost all hope that their child can sleep well.


With me, you are working with a registered health professional. My approach is evidence-based, experience based and empathetic. There is no judgement and your parenting approach will always be respected.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every child and family is unique. This is why I have an unrivalled success rate. 

Contact me to discuss which service may be suitable for your family.


See more on my packages here.

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Sarah's Family

My 8 month old was waking all through the night and only slept for 30mins at a time during the day. We were all beyond exhausted in the house. Ursula gave us ample time to put together a thorough and considered plan that was built upon at a sustainable rate for all of us. Within a week we saw great results and by the end of the three weeks we had a well-rested happier baby and parents and had achieved everything on our list of goals including going from 4 to 3 to 2 daytime naps. I would highly recommend Ursula

Claire's Family

Words cannot do justice to the impact Ursula has had on our family. We were in a true crisis situation after 18 months of woeful sleep. Up multiple times a night, every night and sometimes for hours at a time. Within days of starting with Ursula we had our son going to sleep in his own cot with minimal to no fuss and sleeping through the night. He then consistently slept through the night after that! We couldn't actually believe this had happened!!! To say it has been transformative for our family is an understatement.

Sean's Family

I could not recommend Ursula enough!! We were having a tough time with our two little ones and their sleep habits and it was looking like there was no fix. No sleep for anyone in the house, name it. Ursula listened to our story and devised a plan that we put into place immediately and the difference in three weeks has been amazing!! We now have two happy little boys who are getting the sleep they need to make it through their busy days and better yet we are getting sleep too!! I never thought I would be able to say that. Thanks for everything Ursula we will be recommending you to others that is for sure! :)

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